Neil Thomson Partner – ATEA Consulting

My passion is to create opportunities for all Western Australians. Over 29 years in the State Government, with a decade in Senior Executive positions, I have worked to promote community, drive opportunities in housing and business, create better services, create jobs and improve urban amenity. My work ethic has been driven to find new ways to be efficient, be market responsive and make my organisations more strategic to improve the outcomes for the broader community.

I have served both in a professional and voluntary basis and, in 2006, I was acknowledged as an Ellenbrook Community Leader by the then Premier Alan Carpenter MLA, for my services in the arts, youth and community. This award recognized my leadership in organisations such as the Boys/Girls Brigade, a community church group, a community arts association and as a member of the Ellenbrook Cultural Foundation.

While working at Aboriginal affairs, I was inspired by members of my Board who showed a depth of commitment and love for people in a way I have not previously seen previously in my career. I have applied these examples to build on their vision and create pathways of success for Aboriginal people so they can transition through education into sustainable jobs, businesses and home ownership. I am passionate about being part of the team that is dedicated to creating those pathways so the opportunities, many of which are being held back by red tape and a lack of knowledge by decision makers, can be delivered to a new generation of children who are entering school, TAFE colleges and universities around Western Australia.

Career Highlights

Executive Director - Lands, Department of Aboriginal Affairs

Assistant Director General, Department of Planning

Secretary of the Western Australian Planning Commission

Secretary of the Aboriginal Lands Trust

Chief of Staff to the Ministers for: Planning Culture and the Arts, Housing, Commerce, Finance, Science and Technology, Environment and Water/

Assistant Director, Regulatory Reform, Department of Treasury and Finance.

State Representative on the COAG Business Regulation and Competition Working Group 

Senior Economist, Department of Fisheries

Senior Economist, Department of Agriculture