Debra has spent the bulk of her career in leadership roles and earned a reputation for being a trail blazer and problem solver.  Working in representative bodies across urban development, transport and training, Debra has extensive understanding of our integrated economy.  Serving as Chair of the Curtin University Advisory Board for the School of Economics and Finance, member of the Land Surveyors' Licencing Board and the Training Accreditation Council, as a Trustee Director on a multi-billion dollar superannuation fund and as Chair of the Kimberley Industry Road Safety Alliance, Debra's diverse experience is is clearly in evidence.  

From the outset, Neil has been driven by a determination to improve and streamline how government and the private sector interface, learn and grow through understanding.  Starting his career in agricultural research, Neil has worked across multiple industry sectors in his reform roles within government including the fishing, taxi, pearling industries, planning and Aboriginal affairs.  Neil has the vision to see what is possible, the experience to see what is practical and the knowledge to enshrine that into economic modelling that delivers clarity for all.  Neil has represented Western Australia in Federal competition policy development and thrives on finding practical solutions for complex problems.